Park, Gyung-Seok (25) Disinfection worker
  • Kyung Hee Na
  • Updated 2020.05.12 15:08
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Park, Gyung-Seok (25) Disinfection worker ⓒSISAIN Lee myeong-Ik

“I started taking on this part-time job because my semester got pushed back, so it’s been a month now. I work for a disinfection company and, and we get commissions from public health centers. Some people do the night hours, but for me, it's 10 AM to 9 PM. It's a three-person job, but one of us has to wait in front of the hospital in full gear because you don't know when an ambulance will come through. The rest of us sterilize the roads, every two hours and every now and then when an ambulance arrives. We sterilize indoors twice a day too. In full gear, of course.”

translated by Wonjeong Song
translation supervised by Beckhee Cho