Kim, Hyun-Ji (32) Internal medicine Doctor
  • Kyung Hee Na
  • Updated 2020.05.12 15:08
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Kim, Hyun-Ji (32) Internal medicine Doctor ⓒSISAIN Lee myeong-Ik

“I was actually on  leave when I saw the notice from the Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine (KSCCM), saying that Daegu needs more healthcare workers. That's how I volunteered. I even met a friend, Paik Sang-Ik, from my medical school. We kind of bumped into each other. I know how professional and passionate the medical workers are in Korea; I am not afraid of COVID-19 knowing that I am working with them. It’s like we are each other's support system.”

translated by Wonjeong Song
translation supervised by Beckhee Cho